How COVID-19 May Lead to More Domestic Violence Arrests

Once the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 disease a pandemic on March 11, 2020, shortly after many businesses closed its doors until further notice and states throughout the country placed “shelter-at-home” orders, forcing residents to remain in their homes (unless they’re conducting “essential tasks” like grocery shopping or going to the pharmacy). Although these measures are necessary to combat the spread of the coronavirus, they have also led to an increase in domestic violence cases.

COVID-19 & Domestic Violence Disputes

The closing of many businesses has resulted in millions of people losing their jobs. Unemployment, the financial stress of paying the mortgage or rent, and being in close proximity with family members all day and every day are all contributing factors to domestic violence.

The WHO also reports that domestic violence incidents significantly rise during times of crises (e.g. epidemics, natural disasters, and wars). According to The Guardian, one police station in Wuhan reported that domestic violence complaints tripled in February 2020, in comparison to the same period the previous year. While the National Domestic Violence Hotline generally receives up to 2,000 calls daily, there have been 951 calls about the coronavirus-related abuse between March 10 and 24.

Accused of Domestic Violence? Learn How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help!

Although domestic violence is a serious issue in the U.S., sometimes this crime is reported for other reasons. It is not uncommon for alleged victims to make inaccurate claims in order to “get even” with a spouse or former partner or gain an advantage in child custody proceedings.

Since families are forced to interact with each other more than ever, it is possible false domestic violence allegations can occur. Unfortunately, any accusations can cause the prosecution to file damaging charges that do not fit the crime. A domestic violence conviction can lead to a jail or prison sentence, fines, a protective order against you, as well as the loss of child custody rights and gun rights.

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