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What Are the Expungement Requirements in California?

This is the first question many people ask when they first learn of expungements. It all depends on the circumstances of your conviction. If you were only charged with a crime and never convicted, there should not be too many roadblocks to expunging your record, though there are exceptions to this. If you are currently serving time, are on probation, or were convicted of a sex crime involving children then you cannot have your record expunged.

You may be eligible for expungement in the following circumstances:

  • You were charged but never convicted of a crime
  • You have completed your prison sentence
  • You are not on probation or parole
  • You completed your probation period in its entirety or have documented records of early probation termination

If your criminal record is successfully expunged, then your arrest or conviction will no longer show up in any background checks. The only people will be able to see the expunged records are certain government agencies, such as law enforcement.

Removing a criminal charge or conviction can be a difficult process. Contact our knowledgeable expungement attorney in Ventura for help. We offer free initial consultations.

Learn More about the Expungement Process

A criminal charge, even a misdemeanor, on your criminal record can have a significant impact on your life. Even if you were not convicted of the crime, the charge will remain on your record and appear in background checks. Thankfully, the law allows you to apply for an expungement to remove this mark from your record. You can even have misdemeanor and felony convictions removed from your record under circumstances.

We understand that you have a vested interest in having your criminal record expunged. This process can be frustrating without help. Our expungement lawyer in Ventura can review your situation and tell you more about your eligibility for expungement.

Contact us today at (805) 210-8555 to schedule your free initial consultation regarding expungement.

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  • Castro v. Castro Case Dismissed

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