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What is an Aggravated Misdemeanor Charge in California?

In California, there are only two classifications of misdemeanor, “standard” and “aggravated.” Aggravated misdemeanors are sometimes called “gross” as well.

Standard misdemeanors are penalized by up to six months in county jail, and fines can go as high as $1,000. Even crimes that some considered minor, such as shoplifting an inexpensive item, can be charged as misdemeanors. Other examples include public drunkenness and minor drug crimes.

Aggravated or gross misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in county jail and fines of up to $1,000. Fines can sometimes go even higher. Examples of aggravated misdemeanors include domestic violence, driving without a license, and violating a protective order.

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Misdemeanor Wobblers

Many crimes in California that can be charged in different ways. These are known as “wobbler” crimes. The history of the defendant and the severity of the crime determines how it is charged. The same crime could be charged as a felony for one person and a misdemeanor for another. This is also true for some minor crimes. They could be charged as either infractions or misdemeanors.

If you’ve been charged with a wobbler crime, you need a good attorney on your side. With Mr. Scott Bentley’s help, the court could charge you for a lesser crime, or it could choose not to elevate your crime to a felony. Let our lawyer argue your case, helping to keep you from a charge that is worse than you deserve.

Shoplifting Defense

One of the most effective defenses against shoplifting is challenging the evidence. Often the only evidence police have is eyewitness accounts. There could be many people fitting your description in one place. How certain are the police and the retail staff that they accused the right person? In a busy location, several people coming and going at once. The true offender may have passed by you in the anti-theft sensors. This could have confused store security, causing them to accuse you instead. Even security footage is unreliable. It is often shot from odd, high angles, making it easy to confuse the height of the true offender. Challenging the evidence is just one of the many tactics our lawyer can employ in your defense.

Trespassing Defense

A major aspect of any criminal accusation is intent. It is not enough to prove that the defendant technically broke the law. The prosecution must show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused intended to commit a crime.

Trespassing is a charge that appears cut-and-dry. What is often ignored is why that person entered that property. Necessity can be a valid defense against trespassing. You could have needed a place to hide. Perhaps you were in danger, being pursued by a dangerous person or a wild dog. Out of necessity, you entered a private property for protection. A necessity defense could also involve the public good. Maybe you entered a property out of concern. You believed you saw a fire or some other potential danger, and you entered the space to keep the problem from spreading. Our attorney is ready to hear and believe your side of the story, and he is prepared to argue your case in court.

Our office handles several misdemeanor allegations, including:

Once Attorney Bentley takes on your case, he is determined to win. His mission is to work with you collaboratively, including you in every step of your defense. He will explain each aspect of your case and make sure you understand his intentions. Mr. Bentley is not a quitter. He has a reputation for fighting hard as he can, no matter what.

Creating a Credible Defense for You

In the U.S., crimes are typically tiered. Infractions are the least severe crimes, punishable by citations and fines. Felonies are the most severe, with prison time and fines in the tens of thousands of dollars. Misdemeanors are the “middle” crime, usually involving jail time and fines in the low thousands.

Do not let this “middle” status fool you. Misdemeanors are severe. They can rob someone of their freedom for long periods of time. They appear in background checks, making employment difficult and hurting someone’s reputation.

If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, you need to fight back. At Bentley Law, our attorney is an experienced, tenacious defender. He knows that you are innocent until proven guilty, and he wants you to remain that way. Trust his skills to help you fight your allegations in court.

For misdemeanor defense in Ventura, trust our attorney to work hard for you. Our number is (805) 210-8555, and you can contact us online.

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