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Case Results

  • Case Dismissed
    Castro v. B.L. Castro
    Case No. 19VER001403 Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles Stanley Mosk Dismissal of Request for Restraining Order
  • Case Dismissed
    Castro v. Castro
    Case No. 19VER001087 Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles Stanley Mosk Dismissal of Request for Restraining Order
  • Case Dismissed
    Castro v. Tafoya
    Case No. 19VERO01177 Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles Stanley Mosk Dismissal of Request for Restraining Order
  • Case Dismissed
    Drug Possession
    Possession of Drugs Case Los Angeles, CA Case dismissed via deferred entry of judgment.
  • Case Dismissed
    Drug Possession
    Possession of Drugs Case Ventura, CA Not guilty plea entered and case dismissed via Penal Code § 1000.
  • Case Dismissed
    Failure to Pull Into a Weigh Station
    Failure of commercial trucker to pull into weigh station Ventura, CA Case dismissed upon counsel establishing that the officer’s testimony lacked foundation because it was solely based on hearsay.
  • Previous ex parte order dissolved
    N v. N
    Successfully defended against permanent restraining order being sought.
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. A.N.D.
    Santa Barbara Superior Court Case Number 20CR05887 Charges: Penal Code § 155(a)(4) Disobeying a Court Order Result: Case Dismissed
  • Reduced Charges
    People v. AA
    Charges: PC § 530.5(a) [Felony - 3 years prison max]; PC § 487(a) [Felony - 3 years prison max] Result: 180 days jail STAYED (need not be served) pending successful completion of probation.
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. AM
    Ventura Superior Court Case Number 2020001323 Charge: VC § 23152(f) - Driving Under the Influence of Any Drug Result: Case Dismissed
  • Reduced Sentencing
    People v. AR
    Charges: HS 11351 [felony] (possession for sale of controlled substance) [Maximum 4 years State Prison] Special Allegation: Penal Code § 1203.07(a)(1) - no probation / exceeds 14.25 grams Result: special allegation struck / 90 days Ventura County ...
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. AS
    Warrant Removed
  • Bail Reduced
    People v. CS
    Case No. 2020005795 Ventura Superior Court Bail Review Hearing Police Submitted a Declaration Requesting Bail be Set for $1Million. D.A. Requested Bail be Set at $100,000.00. Result after Defense Counsel Heard: Judge Set Bail at $10,000
  • Reduced Charge
    People v. DG
    Ventura Superior Court Charges: Penal Code 273a(a) [felony carrying maximum of 6 years in prison], HS 11350(a), HS 11364(a), and HS 11377(a) Result via plea agreement: PC 273a(a) reduced to a misdemeanor, plea to Count 2, Counts 3 and 4 dismissed / ...
  • Reduce Charges
    People v. DG
    Charges: PC § 273a(a) [felony - 6 year prison maximum]; HS § 11350(a) [misdemeanor - 1 year jail max]; HS § 11364(a) [misdemeanor - 180 days max]; HS § 11377(a) [1 year jail max]. Result: Reduction of Count 1 to a misdemeanor via Penal Code § 17(b). ...
  • Penalties Reduced
    People v. ESL
    Negotiated Disposition DA agreed to amend charge from Penal Code § 314(1) [indecent exposure] to PC § 647(a) [lewd act in public], which allowed for avoidance of Penal Code § 290 sex offender registration 10 days jail (5 actual) & probation condition ...
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. EV
    Ventura Superior Court Case Number 2019032908 Result: Case dismissed via Penal Code § 1203.4
  • Punishment Reduced to $500 fine
    People v. F
    Client was charged with Unlawful Transfer of a Firearm(PC 27545). If charged as a felony, he would have served maximum three years. Result concluded with a $500 fine, no jail time, and no probation!
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. Garcia
    Case No. 2004011964 Ventura Superior Court Case Dismissed
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. H.
    Case No. 2017027127 Ventura Superior Court Case Dismissed
  • Judicial Diversion / No Conviction
    People v. J.M.
    Ventura Superior Court Case Number 2021002310 Charges: Penal Code § 242 (180 days jail maximum) Result: Judicial Diversion / No conviction / If client stays out of trouble for 6 months case will be dismissed
  • Diversion Granted
    People v. JJVR
    Ventura Superior Court Case Number 2020035905 Charges: Pen. Code §§529.5(c), VC 12500(a) Result: Judicial Diversion Granted via Pen. Code § 1001.95(d)
  • Time Served
    People v. JP
    Case No. 2019027211 Ventura Superior Court Originally charge as felony vandalism under Penal Code § 594(a). Settlement disposition of misdemeanor vandalism with credit for time served.
  • Penalties Reduced
    People v. JT
    PC 484(a) [Petty Theft] with multiple priors (in prior case [in which not attorney] received 45 days jail for same offense) Case result via negotiated disposition w/ Judge Romero in Dept. 14: 30 days work release / no jail time
  • Dismissed and Reduced Charge
    People v. LV
    Charges: Count 1 - Felony VC 2800.1(a) / Count 2 Misdemeanor VC 12500(a) Ventura Superior Court Result: Count 2 dismissed / Count 1 Reduced to a Misdemeanor via PC §17(b) 90 days jail STAYED (not to be served unless future run ins with the law) 3 ...
  • Penalties Reduced
    People v. M
    Case No. 2019020575 Ventura Superior Court Reduction of charge from VC 14601.2(a) [driving w/ a suspended license due to DUI] to VC 12500 [unlicensed driver] Successful negotiation with D.A.: reduction of original offer of 10 days jail, installation ...
  • Charges Reduced and No Jail Time
    People v. MG
    Santa Barbara Superior Court Felony Child Endangerment under Penal Code § 273(a) + 3 misdemeanor charges reduced to misdemeanor child endangerment, 1 other misdemeanor charge, informal probation and no jail time.
  • Jail Sentence Deemed Served
    People v. MH
    DUI charges under §§ VC 23152(a) & 23152(b). Jail Sentence deemed served, client's fine was reduced from $1,600 to $100 , and given no probation.
  • Reduced Time Served
    People v. MM
    Charges: Count 1: PC 273a(a) [felony]; Count 2: PC 273a(a) [felony]; Count 3: 23152(a) VC Disposition: Credit for Time Served / 6 month residential inpatient alcohol treatment program / formal probation
  • Negotiated disposition of 16 months county jail
    People v. NY
    2 Counts 11378 H&S + prior felony conviction per PC § 1203.07(a)(11) Maximum sentence - 4 years state prison
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. Ortiz
    Case No. 2014015028 Case Dismissed
  • Charges Dismissed
    People v. R.
    Case Nos. 19CR00223, 19CR05656 Santa Barbara Superior Court Negotiated disposition resulting in the dismissal of 2 violent / strike felony charges PC § 221 & PC § 182/211 charges dismissed
  • No Jail Time
    People v. R.
    Case No. 2019035463 Ventura Superior Court Negotiated settlement on a PC 484(a) charge: book and release / no jail time
  • Penalties Reduced
    People v. Ramirez
    Result was that the Judge gave an indicated sentence of 270 days. I was able to get that lowered to 60 days. The client actually only served 30 days house arrest [no time in actual jail].
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. Romero
    Case No. 2019500635 Ventura Superior Court Case Dismissed Pursuant VC 41500
  • Penalties Reduced
    People v. V.
    Case No. 2019021036 Ventura Superior Court Misdemeanor count under Penal Code 647(f) reduced to an infraction
  • Punishment Reduced to only $350 Fine
    People v. W
    Client was charged with Reckless Driving(VC 23103(a)). Resulted in only a $350 fine, no jail time, and no probation!
  • Penalties Reduced
    Trespass and Disobeying a Court Order
    Trespass and Disobeying a Court Order + Multitude of VOPs Case Ventura, CA Global settlement negotiated from an initial indicated sentence of 270 days down to 60 days.