• No Jail Time. People v. CB

    Ventura Superior Court / Case No. 2022019024

    Charges: PC 273a(b) [maximum exposure = 180 days jail], PC 242 [maximum exposure = 180 days jail]

    Result: negotiated dropping the PC 273a(b) charge because it is a domestic violence charge, which is ineligible for judicial diversion; requested and received judicial diversion as to the PC 242 charge, which was subsequently dismissed. No jail time. Classes and a $150 judicial diversion fee.

  • Case Dismissed People v. MB

    Ventura Superior Court / Case Number 2022027468 

    Charges: 3 charges of PC 288(c)(1) [maximum exposure = 4 years, 4 months state prison]

    Result: Case Dismissed

  • Case Dismissed AJO v. FA

    Ventura Superior Court Case Number D407743

    AJO v. FA

    Restraining Order Sought Against Client

    Case Result: No Order Imposed, Temporary Orders Dissolved, Case Dismissed

  • Case Dismissed People v. NS

    Ventura Superior Court Case No. 2021025981

    Charge: PC § 594(b)(2)(A)

    Maximum penalty: 1-year jail

    Result: Case dismissed via judicial diversion

  • Penalties Reduced People v. RB

    Ventura Superior Court

    Case Number: 2019026721

    Charge: Penal Code section 476(a)

    Maximum sentence facing: 3 years in prison

    Result: Reduced to a misdemeanor via Penal Code section 17(b)

    90 days jail stayed (not imposed, suspended)

  • Case Dismissed People v. JL

    Case Number 2021020875

    Charges: PC § 415(2)

    Disposition: Case Dismissed via Judicial Diversion

  • Case Dismissed Failure to Pull Into a Weigh Station

    Ventura, CA

    Case dismissed upon counsel establishing that the officer’s testimony lacked foundation because it was solely based on hearsay.

  • Case Dismissed Drug Possession

    Los Angeles, CA

    Case dismissed via deferred entry of judgment.

  • Case Dismissed Drug Possession

    Ventura, CA

    Not guilty plea entered and case dismissed via Penal Code § 1000.

  • Penalties Reduced Trespass and Disobeying a Court Order + Multitude of VOPs Case

    Ventura, CA

    Global settlement negotiated from an initial indicated sentence of 270 days down to 60 days.

  • Penalties Reduced People v. Ramirez

    Result was that the Judge gave an indicated sentence of 270 days. I was able to get that lowered to 60 days.

    The client actually only served 30 days house arrest [no time in actual jail].

  • Case Dismissed People v. Garcia

    Case No. 2004011964

    Ventura Superior Court

  • Case Dismissed People v. Ortiz

    Case No. 2014015028

  • Case Dismissed People v. H.

    Case No. 2017027127

    Ventura Superior Court

  • Charges Dismissed People v. R.

    Case Nos. 19CR00223, 19CR05656

    Santa Barbara Superior Court

    Negotiated disposition resulting in the dismissal of 2 violent / strike felony charges

    PC § 221 & PC § 182/211 charges dismissed

  • Penalties Reduced People v. V.

    Case No. 2019021036

    Ventura Superior Court

    Misdemeanor count under Penal Code 647(f) reduced to an infraction

  • Case Dismissed Castro v. Tafoya

    Case No. 19VERO01177

    Superior Court of California

    County of Los Angeles

    Stanley Mosk

    Dismissal of Request for Restraining Order

  • Case Dismissed Castro v. Castro

    Case No. 19VER001087

    Superior Court of California

    County of Los Angeles

    Stanley Mosk

    Dismissal of Request for Restraining Order

  • Case Dismissed Castro v. B.L. Castro

    Case No. 19VER001403

    Superior Court of California

    County of Los Angeles

    Stanley Mosk

    Dismissal of Request for Restraining Order

  • Case Dismissed People v. Romero

    Case No. 2019500635

    Ventura Superior Court

    Case Dismissed Pursuant VC 41500

  • Penalties Reduced People v. M

    Case No. 2019020575

    Ventura Superior Court

    Reduction of charge from VC 14601.2(a) [driving w/ a suspended license due to DUI] to VC 12500 [unlicensed driver]

    Successful negotiation with D.A.: reduction of original offer of 10 days jail, installation of interlock device, fines, and 3 years probation down to 2 days Work Release, no interlock device, $150 fine payable in four months and 1 year summary probation

  • Bail Reduced People v. CS

    Case No. 2020005795

    Ventura Superior Court

    Bail Review Hearing

    Police Submitted a Declaration Requesting Bail be Set for $1Million. D.A. Requested Bail be Set at $100,000.00. Result after Defense Counsel Heard: Judge Set Bail at $10,000

  • No Jail Time People v. R.

    Case No. 2019035463

    Ventura Superior Court

    Negotiated settlement on a PC 484(a) charge: book and release / no jail time

  • Time Served People v. JP

    Case No. 2019027211

    Ventura Superior Court

    Originally charge as felony vandalism under Penal Code § 594(a). Settlement disposition of misdemeanor vandalism with credit for time served.

  • Charges Reduced & No Jail Time People v. MG

    Santa Barbara Superior Court

    Felony Child Endangerment under Penal Code § 273(a) + 3 misdemeanor charges reduced to misdemeanor child endangerment, 1 other misdemeanor charge, informal probation and no jail time.

  • Punishment Reduced to $500 fine People v. F

    Client was charged with Unlawful Transfer of a Firearm(PC 27545). If charged as a felony, he would have served maximum three years. Result concluded with a $500 fine, no jail time, and no probation!

  • Punishment Reduced to only $350 Fine People v. W
    Client was charged with Reckless Driving(VC 23103(a)). Resulted in only a $350 fine, no jail time, and no probation!
  • Dismissed & Reduced Charge People v. LV

    Charges: Count 1 - Felony VC 2800.1(a) / Count 2 Misdemeanor VC 12500(a)

    Ventura Superior Court 

    Result: Count 2 dismissed / Count 1 Reduced to a Misdemeanor via PC §17(b)

    90 days jail STAYED (not to be served unless future run ins with the law)

    3 years summary (informal) probation

  • Jail Sentence Deemed Served People v. MH

    DUI charges under §§ VC 23152(a) & 23152(b). Jail Sentence deemed served, client's fine was reduced from $1,600 to $100 , and given no probation. 

  • Penalties Reduced People v. ESL

    Negotiated Disposition

    DA agreed to amend charge from Penal Code § 314(1) [indecent exposure] to PC § 647(a) [lewd act in public], which allowed for avoidance of Penal Code § 290 sex offender registration

    10 days jail (5 actual) & probation conditions

  • Penalties Reduced People v. JT

    PC 484(a) [Petty Theft] with multiple priors

    (in prior case [in which not attorney] received 45 days jail for same offense)

    Case result via negotiated disposition w/ Judge Romero in Dept. 14:

    30 days work release / no jail time

  • Reduced Sentencing People v. AR

    Charges: HS 11351 [felony] (possession for sale of controlled substance) [Maximum 4 years State Prison]

    Special Allegation: Penal Code § 1203.07(a)(1) - no probation / exceeds 14.25 grams

    Result: special allegation struck / 90 days Ventura County Jail / 3 years formal probation

  • Reduced Charge People v. DG

    Ventura Superior Court

    Charges: Penal Code 273a(a) [felony carrying maximum of 6 years in prison], HS 11350(a), HS 11364(a), and HS 11377(a)

    Result via plea agreement: PC 273a(a) reduced to a misdemeanor, plea to Count 2, Counts 3 and 4 dismissed / 180 days jail stayed (do not have to be served unless failure to comply with conditions of probation) - stayed jail sentence will be dissolved once classes are completed.

  • Reduced Time Served People v. MM

    Charges: Count 1: PC 273a(a) [felony]; Count 2: PC 273a(a) [felony]; Count 3: 23152(a) VC

    Disposition: Credit for Time Served / 6 month residential inpatient alcohol treatment program / formal probation

  • Previous ex parte order dissolved N v. N

    Successfully defended against permanent restraining order being sought.

  • Negotiated disposition of 16 months county jail People v. NY

    2 Counts 11378 H&S + prior felony conviction per PC § 1203.07(a)(11)

    Maximum sentence - 4 years state prison

  • Case Dismissed People v. AS
    Warrant Removed
  • Reduce Charges People v. DG

    Charges: PC § 273a(a) [felony - 6 year prison maximum]; HS § 11350(a) [misdemeanor - 1 year jail max]; HS § 11364(a) [misdemeanor - 180 days max]; HS § 11377(a) [1 year jail max].

    Result: Reduction of Count 1 to a misdemeanor via Penal Code § 17(b).

    Counts 3 & 4 dismissed

    180 days Ventura County Jail STAYED (need not be served) pending successful completion of probation.

  • Reduced Charges People v. AA

    Charges: PC § 530.5(a) [Felony - 3 years prison max]; PC § 487(a) [Felony - 3 years prison max]

    Result: 180 days jail STAYED (need not be served) pending successful completion of probation.

  • Case Dismissed People v. EV

    Ventura Superior Court Case Number 2019032908

    Result: Case dismissed via Penal Code § 1203.4

  • Diversion Granted People v. JJVR

    Ventura Superior Court Case Number 2020035905

    Charges: Pen. Code §§529.5(c), VC 12500(a)

    Result: Judicial Diversion Granted via Pen. Code § 1001.95(d)

  • Case Dismissed People v. AM

    Ventura Superior Court Case Number 2020001323

    Charge: VC § 23152(f) - Driving Under the Influence of Any Drug

  • Case Dismissed People v. A.N.D.

    Santa Barbara Superior Court

    Case Number 20CR05887

    Charges: Penal Code § 155(a)(4) Disobeying a Court Order

  • Judicial Diversion / No Conviction People v. J.M.

    Ventura Superior Court

    Case Number 2021002310

    Charges: Penal Code § 242 (180 days jail maximum)

    Result: Judicial Diversion / No conviction / If client stays out of trouble for 6 months case will be dismissed

  • Successful Defense Against Restraining Order RMO v. AR

    Ventura Superior Court

    Case Number 56-2022-00567912-CU-VTA

    Result: Successful defense against restraining order

    Request for restraining order denied

    Temporary orders dissolved