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It’s important to hire an attorney right away if you have been arrested or are under investigation for a crime. When you are arrested, the police are required to read you your Miranda Rights, which are most commonly known for their first rule, “you have the right to remain silent.” In the chaos and frustration of an arrest, it can be easy to not hear or forget these right, but these are actually a critical component to what happens next for you.

The right to remain silent is one of the most important rights you have. Anything you say during or after an arrest can be used against you in court. Law enforcement is required to read you your rights, but that is all. The police may try to convince you to talk to them so you can “explain” the situation. Though you may think you’re explaining your side of the story, you could be incriminating yourself by providing law enforcement with circumstantial evidence that can be used against you. When you are arrested, it is of the utmost importance that you stay silent and contact an experienced lawyer right away.

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  • Penalties Reduced People v. M
  • Penalties Reduced Trespass and Disobeying a Court Order + Multitude of VOPs Case
  • Punishment Reduced to $500 fine People v. F
  • 90 Days Ventura County Jail People v. EN
  • Successful Defense Against Restraining Order RMO v. AR
  • Case Dismissed AJO v. FA

Cases We Handle

Our firm is primarily focused on criminal defense. Lead attorney Scott Bentley is very knowledgeable with criminal court proceedings and can guide you through the process.

Criminal cases we handle include:

During a free initial consultation, we can answer some of your questions and tell you more about how we will start building your defense should you hire our firm. Our office is located within walking distance of the courthouse and our attorney has built strong relationships with the local legal community.

  • "Scott was a life-saver!"

    Scott was a life-saver. Professional, prepared, he handled my case with care and I was completely satisfied with the result. Responsive communicator. Very grateful for the referral that led me to him.
    - Brian
  • "I would highly recommend Mr. Bentley"

    I would highly recommend Mr. Bentley to anyone with a need to navigate the criminal court system. He made a stressful situation manageable, kept me informed about my case, and I was grateful for the service he provided in getting my case resolved favorably.
    - Maria
  • "La representacion de Señor Scott era excelente por un u precio justo."

    El DMV habia confiscado mi licensia por un ano y iban a suspendirla por un ano mas. Señor Scott hizo muchas llamadas a sus conecciones en el DMV, me represento en una audencia, y el DMV devolvio la licensia. La representacion de Señor Escot era excelente por un u precio justo.
    - Salvador
  • "I put Scott Bentley on my side and he DELIVERED!"

    Last year, I had 2 misdemeanor court cases that gave me many sleepless nights. Luckily, I had the real Mailman -- Scott Bentley on my side and he DELIVERED! 
    He was able to have one misdemeanor reduced to an infraction in which I would just have to pay a small fine (and don't think about it ever again) and the other one will be dismissed once I complete a court orderd program thereby maintaining my record pristine. I would always hire Atty. Scott Bentley to help me through any legal problems I may have in the future. I believe that he will, like a true mailman, always deliver...
    - Arman
  • "Responds quickly and communicates well with clients."
    Knowledgeable, responds quickly and communicates well with clients. I hired him on a short notice and he was there despite the fact that he had less than 24 hours to prepare. Very affordable.
    - Brittini
  • "Scott came through for me in a big way!"
    Got myself into a little trouble but the consequences looked like they were going to be much more serious than I'd originally thought.
    - Marco

    What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

    Criminal defense lawyers specialize in representing individuals or organizations charged with criminal offenses or accused of wrongdoing in a court of law. Their primary role is to counsel their clients and protect their constitutional rights during the legal process.

    The specific duties of a criminal defense lawyer may vary depending on the nature of the case but typically include the following:

    1. Investigating the facts of the case: Criminal defense lawyers will review police reports, witness statements, and any other evidence that may be relevant to the case to build a strong defense.
    2. Advising clients: Criminal defense lawyers will advise their clients on their legal options, the potential consequences of a guilty plea or conviction, and the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution's case.
    3. Preparing and presenting a defense: Criminal defense lawyers will prepare a defense strategy based on the facts of the case and present that defense in court, including cross-examining witnesses, arguing motions, and presenting evidence.
    4. Negotiating plea deals: In some cases, a riminal defense lawyer may negotiate with prosecutors to secure a plea deal for their client, which may involve reduced charges or a lesser sentence in exchange for a guilty plea.
    5. Protecting their clients' rights: Criminal defense lawyers will ensure their client's constitutional rights are protected throughout the legal process, including the right to a fair trial, the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney.

    Overall, criminal defense lawyers play a critical role in the criminal justice system by ensuring that individuals accused of crimes receive a fair trial and are protected against unjust treatment by the state.

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