Get Your Loved One Out of Jail Now by Applying for Electronic Monitoring

Right now is an opportune time for an inmate in the Ventura County Jail to apply for Electronic Monitoring in light of the efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is granting applications to those who might normally be denied to be placed on an electronic monitoring program in order to reduce the jail population due to the threat of the virus. The electronic monitoring program allows an inmate to serve their custody time outside of jail while wearing an ankle bracelet.

In a recent case, we asked the Judge in the felony department (Department 12) of the Ventura Superior Court for a future remand date in order to provide an opportunity to apply for electronic monitoring. The Judge remarked that this was not a case that would be approved for electronic monitoring given that one of the charges was felony evasion of the police under Penal Code 2800.2 in reckless regard for the safety of others. At the time and under normal circumstances the Judge was absolutely correct.

However, in spite of the Judge’s remarks, we visited our client in jail, assisted him in completing an electronic monitoring application and submitted it to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, who determines whether or not an inmate is eligible for electronic monitoring. Low and behold, our client’s application was approved yesterday and last night our client, a courteous young man at the outset of his young adult life, was released and returned back home with his family, avoiding spending four more months in jail. Our office is grateful to the Electronic Monitoring Unit of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for taking into account the health and well being of our client in granting his application for electronic monitoring.

If you have a loved one in custody in the Ventura County Jail contact the Law Offices of Scott Bentley today for assistance in completing an electronic monitoring application in order to protect your loved one’s health and freedom.

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